Sunday, September 16, 2012

Devil Claw Marks

I wanted to share what happened to me last Tuesday.  I go to get a check up every other week from a doctor who resides at the location of my treatment.  I see the nurse first, she takes some vitals then the doctor comes in to discuss.  She was asking about how my skin was.  I told her that it's very dry to begin with but that I noticed that there were patches I've found that don't even feel like my skin anymore, very dry, like it's burnt.  She tells me it's from the radiation and that she is going to get me some samples to try.  She brings in a large tube of some gel and several sample packages of this cream called XClair.  She explains it's for the dryness, I can use it anywhere and I can even combine them.  I see the doctor, we discuss the drying skin patches and the rest of my ailments and I'm done.

That evening, my husband and I go out to dinner.  We go to Carraba's for an Italian dinner, I have soup, salad and the main entree, it even comes with a small sample size dessert in a little shot glass.  Delicious, except that I feel like I've just had Thanksgiving dinner and we are both stuffed to the gills.  I have that food intoxication come over me and I have to go right upstairs to bed.  I pass out for a few hours and wake up sometime past 11pm.  I'm lying there in a sleepy stupor and notice my lower back is on fire.  I grab the gel and rub some on, struggle with getting the little sample pack open and rub that in too.  The nurse said I could use them together.  I'm laying on my back watching the tv, hoping it will bore me back to sleep but the fire on my back keeps heating up.  My husband comes up to the bedroom and as he enters I ask him to flip on the light and take a look at my back.  I explain I just put the lotion on they gave me today but it's still burning.  I turn over and he immediately asks, "Were you scratching this area?"  I told him no, I was sleeping on my back, just rolled over and put the lotions on.  He asks me if I want to go to emergency hospital.  Now I am feeling a bit alarmed and I ask him why.  He says it looks like those paranormal shows when the entity scratches you.  I yell, "WHAT?!"  and jump up to check it out in the bathroom mirror.  As I rush past him, he tells me the scratch marks are climbing up my back.  I have no idea why I didn't ask him to take a photo of it.  I know I didn't scratch it but there are welts all over my lower back that looks just like the devil's claw. 

When I go into radiation the next day, they all want me to drop my trousers in the lobby so they can look at it (like it's still there or something) but it's gone and I look like a grouchy, whiny old lady complaining about every ache and pain.  I had no intention of taking off my pants at their request in the lobby no matter how excited they were to look at my bum.  They don't see a thing, it's not even red, and I am still in that category of "Patient with weird side effects no one has ever had before but her".  Needless to say, I am now terrified of the lotions and refuse to use them.  Must have had an allergic reaction.  Ahhh, the joy of having cancer.  Never know what's going to happen next.

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