Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sadistic Chemists!

Here is my pelvic radiation tip for the day:  Tuck's Medicated Wipes!  You can get a box or the handy travel packs.  Who knew they weren't just for hemorrhoids, I certainly didn't.  Just like having an ice cream after a fiery hot dinner, these cooling little wipes do the trick instantly.

So, I mentioned in one of my last posts that I finally got the doctor to listen to me and prescribe something for the diarrhea, right?  Well, I finally go and get that prescription filled.  When I pick it up, you have to have this consultation with the pharmacist so that you understand how to take it and what symptoms to expect for allergic reactions.  I head over to the consultation window and meet with the pharmacist.  I know him well so I feel comfortable.  Don't expect him to say much but take as needed with plenty of water and it will do the trick.  NO.  He tells me that it will make me drowsy, so not to take it if I am going to work, drive, or use heavy machinery.  Certainly won't be using that chain saw I just bought.....  I say, "Daniel, what kind of a sick chemist makes up a batch of pills to take for diarrhea that make you drowsy?  What if I fall asleep on the toilet or something?  I don't usually have diarrhea at night, I have it during the day.  But now I have to figure out a time I'd like to nap and take them?"  He replies, "Obviously a very sadistic chemist created these pills but it's my job to let you know the side effects."  I now take them at night and still have to deal with the diarrhea during the day.  So we are back to the Imodium and pray for relief.

On Friday, my husband and I go and give the deposits on the new ranch style house we will be moving into on the 21st of September.  In the blink of an eye, we give them 6 weeks of rent and a huge security deposit.  We'll do the walk-in inspection 10 days later and have two weeks to move in leisurely.  Gotta get myself in gear and start packing.  Been dug in this house like a tick for the last 6 years and there sure is a lot to go through.  Don't want to be taking junk to the new house I don't need or want.  There are boxes in the garage I have never unpacked from the original move here.  I still have the internal radiation treatments to go through and they will be the roughest.  I looked on the Internet for more testimony from others that have gone through it and their descriptions frightened the hell out of me.  I am still on the fence about doing them at all.  Although I do not want the cancer to come back, I do not want to do these treatments at all.  I already feel over-radiated and I am done with any more.  If the tumors are gone, I'm doing these for preventative measures.   Don't want to do them.

Later that night, I have tickets to a Bellydance Concert at the Jewel Box Theatre at the Flamingo Library.  It's the big local bellydance convention here and the first night of the headliner's dancing.  I have another bout of diarrhea and I don't think I am going to be able to make it.  I fight it for over an hour and when I realize I am at the final minutes of backing out or going, I decide to go ahead and get ready.  I have to hope the medication will finally kick in  -- or I just turn around and come back.  I throw on the cute little black dress and put on some make-up and I'm off.  I get to will call, get my ticket and easily find my friends waiting for me.  I'm sitting smack dab in the center seat in the middle section of the  theatre.  Excellent view, but a long way to go if I have to use the restroom.  Everything goes well and I am able to enjoy the show without worry.  Was such a joy to be a spectator and not have that nagging feeling I am missing out by not being on the stage. 

I get home and my husband is all over me, telling me how sexy I look and how great it is to see me dressed up and in full dance make-up again.  So nice to feel desirable, too bad he's leaving for the gym.

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