Saturday, August 18, 2012

Juggling a "Sweep Feed"

So the therapist adds a laundry list of things to help center me that stresses an already exasperated situation.  It's like I'm juggling a complicated "sweep feed" only to have my pins passed back to me almost as quickly as I send them off.  Hey, God only gives you as much as you can handle, right?  Apparently all those dance shows I organized in the past were a walk in the park.  Now I have to find the time in my very full schedule to fit this new load in.  You know I'm up for a challenge. Gonna rely on my years of "can-do" attitude, so bring it on.

Ah, I failed to clarify the reason I told the therapist why I decided not to schedule with her for another 3-4 weeks.  One of the stressors I decided to eliminate was my mortgage.  I found the name of a short sale expert and went for a consultation only to actually start the process.  In 24 hours, my house had an MLS listing and was up for sale.  Suddenly, I had to have a spotless house, candles that smelled like apple pie burning all day and people traipsing through my house from Thursday to Sunday.  We could barely leave the house to get errands done before the next group would arrive.  We would often be woken by pushy real estate agents parked in our driveway that just had to get an out of town client in to see the property.  I took boxes home from work everyday.  Co-workers donated their boxes or saved delivery boxes for me.  Five times we got offers in on the house that fell through.  So many forms that had to be urgently signed, scanned and sent back by the morning.  I started a journal to help me organize the packing and prepare for the move.  I make files, labels and begin decluttering. It's an event in itself that could take up all of my time even without all the dr. appointments and working a full time job.

I make more appointments to talk to doctors.  I go and see my gyn and he asks why the surgeon just can't go back in and cut the cancer out where she took out the uterus and sew it back up again.  Now we're thinking, a do-over!  The area is so small it can't possibly take that much to do.  He suggests I take this new oxidation stress supplement for the next 120 days that he will try with me along with his own mother who is on high blood pressure meds.  It can only help.  His medical mentor is down three diabetes medications out of five after taking it.  I go back to work and excitedly tell a co-worker.  One of her family members is a distributor for the pills and will bring me in an extra bottle she has the very next day.  The first thing I notice is my mid-afternoon slump disappears, I have the energy to cook when I get home and even do a short Zumba workout.  I'm still feeling terrific.  I find another gynecological oncologist three miles from my house and make an appointment for a second opinion.  I call UCLA and get an appointment with the head of gyn-oncology the following month.  I figure I have time to knock it out with all the good things I am doing.  I am on every prayer circle from the west coast to the east coast.  I join the Guardian of the Grid, White Light Express,  and place myself on long distance reiki lists and pray for a miracle.  Make note to self:  Sharpen my juggling skills.

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