Sunday, August 26, 2012

Gifted by an Angel

People going through pelvic radiation, let me give you a warning:  Never eat spicy food!  Resist the temptation to go for Indian, Mexican, Cajun anything that has the word spicy or hot in it.  Do not use the Tabasco or cayenne pepper or even the little packets of sauce they give you with tacos on your food.  I am your friend and I warn you, do not eat SPICY food!  There is my public service announcement for the day.

Another week of radiation came and went.  I made it through another 5 days although I was thinking the entire week I was going to play hooky on Friday, I went anyway.  Monday I almost made it through the entire day at work.  The fatigue really got to me and I left a half hour early.  Tuesday, I left by 3:30pm.  Again the fatigue took me down hard.  On Wednesday, the smells overcame me and I started to get so nauseated.  It was a helacious schedule at work and the worst possible time for me to go but I had to.  I almost puked in public.  I could smell every one's soap, the hazelnut creamer by the coffee machine, the carpet, the smell of rain in the air.....  I wasn't sick until the smells overpowered me.  I left for my radiation appointment that day with it raining so hard the windshield wipers could barely clear it off for me.  I was driving the freeway at 35mph.  Every intersection was flooded.  Hadn't seen monsoon rain like that in a decade.  I know we desperately need it.  By the time I made it to the building, I could have used a kayak to get to the front door.  Opened the umbrella over the open door to step out only to get drenched, stepped into ankle deep water and my shoes filled.  Didn't see the elderly lady that comes in right after me.  I got a little worried and hoped she was okay.  So hard to see someone so frail doing radiation at her age.  Went right home and never returned to work.  Instead, I slept all day.  Thursday I made it to my appointment again and then never made it back to work.  It's getting harder and harder to make it in to work each day.  I keep coming like a faithful dog because I am afraid that no one will be able to make it without my help, not know where I am at with things I have left in mid-stream.   I know the day is coming soon.   I am just going to need to take the entire time off and just stay home and heal.  I made it through Friday's appointment without playing hooky only because of this delicious carrot dangling over my head.

I mentioned in an earlier post about the woman that was paired up with me by the Imerman Angels who started the non-profit, Heavens Door Open.  Well, she sent me an email on my birthday (she didn't know it was my birthday!) saying she would like to arrange to send me to a spa.  She looked at a few and settled on this beautiful spa in Lake Las Vegas in Henderson called the Ravella Spa.  It was just the Ritz-Carlton a few years ago.  Lake Las Vegas is fashioned after Tuscany without the grape fields.  It's just beautiful out there and one of my favorite places to hang out for a day, grab lunch, and window shop.  I pull in to the front of the hotel and the valet's take my car.  I ask where the spa is located and they point to this building a distance away closer to the entrance.  I'm thinking about asking them to drive me there but off I go, past the beautiful fountain in the center (See photo above)to the spa entrance and go in.  It also houses the gym and the entrance to the outdoor pool and beach area. 

I approach the front desk, the girl is on her cellphone.  She tells me their computers are down and it takes a moment to find someone that can pull up the appointment, take me downstairs to the Ladies Spa, get me a robe and show me how to use the lockers.  I go to the Relaxation Room to wait.  They have honeydew melon water, so hydrating!  I drink two glasses.  A few minutes later my attendant comes in to let me know that because I am late she can give me a massage but will not have time to do my entire treatment. I am feeling that if someone else paid for me to have a special spa treatment, I doubt she would want me to settle for a massage I usually get every month anyway.  I ask her to reschedule me, I'm local, I can come back anytime.  She checks and says there is an opening at 5pm.  She tells me if I'd like to wait and use the beach, pool, or spa amenities, I can stay here.  I wasn't prepared with a suit or towel to partake in the beach so I tell her I'll go home, get some things done and return later. 

So glad I did.  I'm there in plenty of time to use the wet sauna and open my pores.  I take a nice shower with all of their lovely skin products and rinse the toxins off.   When I go to the treatment room I lay face down, and she gets started with exfoliating my skin with this chocolate oil and coffee grounds, scrubbing every part of me well.  She leaves and I get up to use the shower.  Grounds are behind my ears and between my toes!  I am face down again as she starts in with the warm shea butter made from goats milk and rubs it into my skin leaving what feels like a quarter inch of it on the surface.  Then she covers my feet with wet warm towels, my legs, my torso and bundles me up into a cocoon.  I cook this way for another twenty minutes with a warm towel over my eyes.  This is the one time my nose serves me well and allows all this wonderful aroma to delight me.  I feel like a tamale!  She comes back and unwraps me, I put on my robe and go back upstairs to the Healing Waters.  I am thinking the dry sauna is the best way to end the day, take a hot tub, the cold plunge and take another shower.  The dry sauna is probably off due to me being the last customer.  It's almost 7pm.  We take some photos together and I head upstairs to the front desk.  The girl up there was checking on the concert tonight in the ampitheatre for me.  She told me my bill was completely take care of - even the tip!   I take a quick cruise around the gift shop and go outside and head to valet.  The sky is a wonderful orange sunset and I can hear the mc announcing the jazz concert about to start.  What an amazing day.  I wish I could treat everyone to a day like this. 

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